Epoch Sentinels

The first generation of digital collectibles from Zabava Labs.

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In the Sentinel Haven world, the Epoch Sentinel digital collectible characters offer a range of utilities that enrich the gameplay experience and foster a vibrant community. Come try our AR dance rhythm game!

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Epoch Sentinels enable players to embody unique playable avatars, engaging in diverse challenges and quests throughout the Sentinel Haven universe, while unlocking new skills and upgrades to conquer increasingly difficult obstacles.

Furthermore, Epoch Sentinels offer seamless cross-game integration, allowing players to transfer their characters across different games within the Sentinel Haven ecosystem, while providing exclusive future access to new products, airdrops, and beta testing opportunities, and exploring multichain projects to introduce more digital collectibles and token rewards.


  • Q4 2023

    The Convergence

    Adding new features to SoTap with Epoch Sentinel Holders vote

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    Decentralised Raffle